Homeland with an area of 1077,575 ha, located in the municipality of Castelo Branco, in a parish of Castelo Branco in the middle of beira interior sul region. It is a property with excellent conditions for eplration and animal production, momeadamente for cattle, sheep goats and pig, however it may also have other market intentions such as the production of aromatic herbs and hunting and fishing. Of these 1077 ha has about 140 ha of irrigation, with pumping and irrigation system, as well as several pivots available. In view of the clean surface, the irrigation area for the hidresources available can be increased. It also features in the order of 700 ha of cork and azinho mounted, as well as a pine forest. This estate has a dam that in its maximum capacity can reach 780 000m3, thus contributing to the valorization of crops. In addition to the area for forest and animal production, it also has support areas, namely pavilions and housing, which may in the future in terms of tourism. It is a property that morphologically presents itself from slightly wavy to flat. Excellent investment opportunity


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  • Vista Campo


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