Space with the potential to develop various commercial or service activities. Large commercial space with about 371 m2 divided by two floors (ground floor and basement). Basement, with 245 m2, consisting of several rooms and 3 sets of complete sanitary facilities. Ground floor with 126 m2 and 4 rooms. The space, which is in a reasonable state of conservation, has 2 independent entrances, one of them access for people with reduced mobility. Located in the parish of Parque das Nações, it is part of an urban building with 13 floors, and is part of an area characterized by multifamily buildings of housing and commerce, with good access and transport. If you are looking for a space with potential for clinic, language institute, decoration showroom, co-working space, beauty institute, art gallery, ateliers, come and see this store. Conctact us, we are waiting for you!


  • Referência: LVAMJP381
  • Ano construção: 1994
  • Tipo: Store
  • Localização: Lisboa, Parque das Nações
  • Área: 371m²
  • WC: 1
  • Preço/m²: 667.1€/m²

Equipments e Features

  • Acesso a pessoas com dificuldades motoras
  • Vista Cidade
  • Saneamento
  • Ligação à rede de energia
  • Ligação à rede de água
  • Ar Condicionado


Sala: 20,2m²
Sala: 15,6m²
W.C. Serviço: 3,4m²
Corredor: 3,8m²
Sala: 9,5m²
Corredor: 12,8m²
Sala: 10,2m²
Sala: 4,2m²
Sala: 12,6m²
Hall de Entrada: 2,7m²
Sala: 22,9m²
Sala: 6,2m²
Sala: 6,8m²
Corredor: 11m²
Corredor: 5,6m²
Arrumo: 3,1m²
Arrumo: 2,4m²
Corredor: 4,3m²
Instalações Sanitárias: 12,5m²
Instalações Sanitárias: 9,1m²
Sala: 16,9m²
Sala: 41,6m²
Hall de escadas: 16,2m²
Open Space: 10,4m²
Sala: 5,2m²
Hall de escadas: 12,5m²
Sala: 5,6m²
Hall de Entrada: 5,4m²
Sala: 13,9m²
Sala: 14,3m²
Corredor: 8,6m²
Sala: 16m²
Hall de Entrada: 7,2m²

Surrounding area

Farmácias: 23
Escolas: 24
Centros Desportivos: 6
Centros Comerciais: 4
Hospitais: 1
Parques / Zonas Verdes: 33
Super Mercados: 22
Plataforma de Metro: 16
Transportes Públicos: 237
Praça de Taxis: 3

Informação de contacto

Maria João Pintão

Consultora Imobiliária

Information Request