Shop in Linda-a-Velha If you are looking for a Shop to buy and remodel to your liking, this may be your opportunity. It is a large shop, with 1750m2, in need of works, located very close to Central Park. It consists of two floors, Cave and SubCave, with independent entrances. The store has several windows and therefore a lot of light. Infrastructure: Schools Green Spaces Hospitals Pharmacies Trade and Services Easy access to A5/A2/A9/A36 Come and visit! Contact us!


Equipments e Features


Cave: -
Cave: -

Surrounding area

Transportes Públicos: 42
Escolas: 28
Hospitais: 2
Praça de Taxis: 3
Centros Comerciais: 4
Super Mercados: 8
Parques / Zonas Verdes: 31
Farmácias: 11
Centros Desportivos: 9

Informação de contacto

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