Fantastic villa T4 + 3 composed by ground floor, 1st floor and several annexes. Garage for 4 cars, office, hall, kitchen, cellar, WCs, living room with fireplace and stove, There are also 3 annexes at the rear of the house. Cellar, bar, wc, kitchen with wood oven, den and barbecue. Swimming pool with 12x6 and lounge of support to the swimming pool with equipped kitchen. It also has agricultural land, kennel, tool house and garden. Come to know this fantastic property for you.



  • Electric oven
  • Larder kitchen
  • Kitchen hood exhaust
  • Combinated refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Hob
  • Ceramic hob


Hall de Entrada: 9m²
Corredor: 7,2m²
Despensa: 4m²
W.C. Completo: 9m²
Quarto: 28m²
Quarto: 15m²
Quarto: 20m²
Quarto: 19m²
Cozinha: 13m²
Salão: 42m²
Terraço: 78m²
Varanda: 7m²
W.C. Completo: 13m²
Corredor: 4m²
Marquise: 25m²
Terraço: 15m²
Anexo: 48m²
Anexo: 64m²
Anexo: 210m²
Salão: 32m²
Cozinha: 18m²
Arrumo: 28m²
Anexo: 40m²
Arrumo: 30m²
Lavandaria: 12m²
Adega: 190m²
Arrumo: 40m²
Garagem: 70m²
Escritório: 72m²
Anexo: 48m²
W.C.: 4m²
Terreno: 600m²

Surrounding area

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