A corner of peace this Villa V5 situated in a quiet area and close to the A8 Bombarral. Very large areas that harmonize in their architecture. It has gymnasium, reading area and library, ample green space where you can relax in the open air. Are you curious? Mark your visit. This one is for you!



  • Exhaust fan
  • Fridge
  • Coffe machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Whasing machine
  • Microware oven
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Hob
  • Electric oven


Corredor: 10,2m²
Cozinha: 22,1m²
Sala: 42,9m²
Escritório: 9,6m²
W.C.: 1,5m²
Hall de Entrada: 8,3m²
Suite: 14,7m²
W.C. Completo: 7,5m²
Lavandaria: 3,8m²
Open Space: 10,1m²
Open Space: 8,2m²
Sala de Estar: 15,2m²
Quarto: 13,5m²
W.C. Completo: 4,4m²
Quarto: 14,3m²
Suite: 13,2m²
Varanda: 18,2m²
Garagem: 25m²
Anexo: 14m²
Anexo: 50m²
Sotão: 25m²

Surrounding area

Escolas: 1
Centros Desportivos: 1

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