House T4. Beautiful view. Social floor on the ground floor and also a bedroom with built-in wardrobe. 1st floor with entrance by the sunroom of fantastic view, wc with poliban and 4 bedrooms, all with windows to the outside. 2/4 of the house has access to the rural part (land and well). 5 minutes from the center of Vila Nova de Poiares. 2 minutes from Poiares Junction. Paradisiacal Site


Equipments e Features

  • Banheira simples
  • Polibã
  • Resguardos de banheira
  • Resguardos de Polibã


Arrumo: 100m²
Adega: 20m²
Cozinha: 15m²
Hall de escadas: 10m²
Instalações Sanitárias: 5m²
W.C. Completo: 6m²
Loja: 30m²
Pátio Interior: 45m²
Marquise: 6m²
Quarto: 15m²
Quarto: 14m²
Quarto: 15m²
Quarto: 16m²
Salão convívio: 30m²

Surrounding area

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