Castelo Branco - Organic Farm - Oleiros / Amieira The biological farm is located in Vale das Ovelhinhas in the district of Castelo Branco, in the municipality of Oleiros. Oleiros- Amieira is a parish with an area of ​​143.64 km². Chestnuts, arbutus and Callum wine are the most important elements of the local economy and the municipality was once one of the main chestnut producers. At this moment the most important tree in the county is the pine tree, which has an incalculable value. The county offers fantastic panoramic views and is very popular due to this excellent information. It is also a land well known for shale and quartz for its hardness. In terms of gastronomy, the most famous regional dish that is sought after by foreigners and several Portuguese is the goat kid, as well as the maranho, tripe and donut. Nearby we have the Serras de Alvelos, Muradal and Lontreira. We can still visit the River Zêzere, the river beaches of Cambas, the Passadiços do Orvalho and GeoRota do Orvalho, the river beach of Penedo Furado and Açude Pinto, the Fraga de Água D´Alta Cascade and many historic villages The farm is ideal for those looking for peace and tranquility and is surrounded by a very persevered and respected nature. With many years of history, the owners are very careful that the environment / land is kept as pure and natural as possible, this being done only in organic agriculture and permaculture without any use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, chemical adducts. The land is in perfect condition with the proper maintenance carried out with the use of tractors to cut the grass in flat areas, these with about 25,000 m² and with brushcutters on the slopes of the valley. The 45,000m² agricultural and forest property contains cherry trees, olive groves, linden trees, strawberry trees, quince trees, pine trees, cork and holm oaks, peach trees, orange trees and much more. It also has slopes, valley areas, hills and part of the forest. It has sun exposure, soil conditions, excellent wind protection in which it allows the production of vegetables. The prospective buyer will have the chance to carry out analyzes of the land and waters to prove their state of purity. This farm has a great abundance of water that comes from natural springs in the rock of exorbitant purity. It also contains tanks and ponds of water and there is an idea of ​​creating a biological pool. There are two houses of schist stone that are fully recovered with natural materials, this according to construction techniques in stabilized earth and clay, with contemporary architecture. There is also a third dwelling, but it is currently being recovered with about 78m² in which it can be used to store firewood, or if you want, a space for your storage. The first house that is called Casa da Capela has an area of ​​260m². The living room is very large with 160m² all surrounding in shale and with a stone floor, it has a fireplace, 50m² kitchen equipped with ceramic hob, extractor fan, two sinks and a fridge, 16m² room with interior access from the room or also by the outside staircase, it has 3 bathrooms with shower bases made with shale and river stones. It also has a patio with 600m². This house has a fantastic feature that differs from the others, it has a chapel dated in 1772, it is referenced in the book of Vila de Oleiros, it also has a sacristy and is 25m² and it also has a wooden altar. The patron of this chapel was S. João de Deus, of the Order of Hospitallers. In the book "Memories of the village of Oleiros and his municipality", reported by Bishop d'Angra, D. João Maria Pereira d'Amaral and Pimentel, published in In 1881, reference is made to the existence of the Chapel of S. João de Deus, in Vale das Ovelhinhas. The air conditioning both in winter and summer is fantastic given the old stone construction and the recent recovery. The house has a strong magnetism of the land which greatly values ​​the health and well-being of future owners. The entrance to it is through the road and from the opposite side goes directly to the field. The other house called Casa de Xisto is smaller with an area of ​​60m² with an exterior patio with stone walls. The room is 16m², the living room 16m² and also has a kitchen and a w.c. It has a tank for various purposes such as cooling in the summer, watering (...). This farm has pens for animals such as: goats, horses, ponies, chickens, donkeys, mules (...). It has 150m² and is made of schist stone with old straw tile, several bards are circular in shape, that is, so that animals can move freely for animal welfare, they have a lot of land to graze. Lease or sale. Come and see your future farm, for sure it is the ideal solution for YOU.


  • Referência: CBZNMG354
  • Ano construção: 2001
  • Tipo: Farm
  • Localização: Oleiros, Oleiros-Amieira
  • Área: 10.300m²
  • Quartos: 1
  • WC: 1
  • Garagens: 8
  • Preço/m²: 52.4€/m²


  • Freezer
  • Exhaust fan
  • Stove
  • Combinated refrigerator
  • Whasing machine
  • Kitchen furniture



Quarto: 16m²
Sala: 16m²
Cozinha: 14m²
W.C.: 8m²
Pátio Exterior: 6m²

Surrounding area

Transportes Públicos: 16
Escolas: 24
Parques / Zonas Verdes: 50
Super Mercados: 12
Centros Comerciais: 4
Hospitais: 3
Centros Desportivos: 12
Praça de Taxis: 1
Farmácias: 5

Informação de contacto

Daniel Proença

Diretor de Agência

Information Request


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